Join the Catholic Professional Advisors Network

The demand for knowledgeable charitable advisors is astounding. More and more clients want their professional advisors to know how to guide their charitable interests. While they may not want their professional advisors promoting any particular charity, they often like to have the subject broached and options explained. We hear this quite often from our donors. You are a trusted advisor for your clients and they look to you for guidance. Having a generous heart means even more when one can count on a trusted advisor who can guide charitable giving appropriately. As a professional advisor, you have the opportunity to help ordinary philanthropists meet their giving goals whether they want to meet an immediate need or leave a lasting legacy.

Our Catholic Professional Advisors Network includes:

  • financial planners
  • investment experts
  • wealth managers
  • insurance authorities
  • trust officers
  • estate planning attorneys
  • tax and accounting specialists
  • real estate pros

When you join our Catholic Professional Advisors Network, you will:

  • Receive breaking news in the charitable gift-planning world that may impact your clients
  • Learn about more opportunities for continuing education/credit by participating in education sessions regarding charitable planned giving/estate planning
  • Have the option to build your client base by partnering with the Catholic Foundation of Eastern Montana in giving helpful presentations to parish communities throughout our diocese (which Foundation staff organizes)
  • Choose, if you'd like, to write and provide a short article from time to time for our planned giving newsletter and website for Catholics in our diocese - which can include your photo, bio and contact information
  • Be invited to gatherings in your community where potential clients and current clients are learning about gift planning opportunities
  • Be listed (optional) in a resource directory provided to donors and potential donors of the Foundation who are in need of professional services which you can offer
  • Be remembered regularly in prayer intentions at the Catholic Foundation of Eastern Montana.

To join our Catholic Professional Advisors Network, please fill out the form below: